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Eminem & His Mom
Whadup right here is where we all diss Feminem and his Mom.  Email me if u have anything new.

Eminems mom drives a 2 doored potato
Eminem  mama got a glass eye with a fish in it
Eminem  mama got a glass leg and she uses windex to lotion it up
Eminem  mama got a wooden leg with a birdhouse in it
Eminem  mama is so crosseyed when she cries her tears roll down her back
Eminem  mama face so dirty, when she smiles it looks like a cheese burger
Eminem  mama is so loose, its like sticken your hand in a jar of mayonase
Eminem  mama live in a shoebox with an escalator
Eminem  mamas nedin feels like sandpaper from all the calises
Eminem  mama such a ho, she puts major pornstars to shame