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| 02/25/01 |
Whadup Juggalos!  Todayis my B-day, i was biddin for a diamond cut hatchetman, but i lost at like 5am so i need to find anotherone, im willin to pay up to like $85 so
it be cool if u can hook me up

Whadup Juggalos!  Im lookin for an official psychopathic diamond cut charm if any of yall can hook me up it'd be great. later

| 02/12/01 |
Whadup i just updated the pix and emimen sections.  Oh and YEAAHH!!

| 02/09/01 |
Whadup Juggalos.. i aint got much to say but thanx for visitin my site

| 01/21/01 |
Whadup Ninjahz! Tonite im goin to the ICP concert and im stoked! Well im out

| 01/17/01 |
Ray Day results are in, Bizzar/Bizaar has officially gone gold! There are thousands of new Juggalos all around the world.

| 01/15/01 |
Ray Day Results delayed until Wed.